[page_header]Connected Resilience’s three added values[/page_header]

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Quality is the first added value at Connecting Resilience: our customers particularly appreciate our listening abilities, our responsiveness, our rich and diversified skill set, our know-how and know-how-to-be. Connecting Resilience’s approach to business emphasizes predictable consistency, perseverance, benevolence, time resource commitment, and custom project follow-up procedures within the context of a trust relationship as well as a continuous feedback loop assessment of ongoing project results. Our membership and adherence to the United Nations Global Compact strengthen further our ethical and quality guarantees. We thereby wish to contribute to the ongoing human progress, to streamlining enterprise and public sector performance, and to the overall well-being of women and men.

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The days of cheap resources are over. Today’s ecological challenges require the preservation of resources in the difficult context of global warming and significant population growth up to the year 2050. These challenges compel us to reconsider the issue of food security along strategic lines that draw upon collective intelligence and technological innovation. Humanity needs to profoundly reconsider its relationship to natural resources and come up with a novel, more efficient, more balanced and more sustainable social and economic development model. In today’s world, preserving our environment requires us to gear our consumer behavior towards resource reutilization and recycling in an economy that has become circular.

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Our predominant ambition is to give sense to the actions of our company: any economic development should strive to serve humanity while preserving the environment and its natural resources. It is our belief that the underlying mission of the company goes far beyond its original business targets and the daily relationships it entertains with its partners, customers and suppliers. Connecting Resilience is also about a history, a project, a risk and a set of core values. These values provide the link between the meaning a particular individual wants to give to his life and the meaning the company wants to give to its path.