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Connecting resilience provides both in France and intemationally, technological watch services, prospective studies, trade relationship services, consulting, and strategic decision-making consuitancy services to executives and project owners aimed at facilitating project development, team management and marketing as well as solving regional economic, social, sport, environmental, health and well-being issues (particularly in touristic, the fields of agriculture and forestry) while taking into account today’s global context of significant population growth up to the year 2050, the preservation ofnatural resources, and issues offood security.

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Alain Maurice
Founder President
A trained lawyer with more than 15 years of legal experience, Alain Maurice acquired an equally rich and long experience exercising executive responsibilities in the public sector within territorial governing bodies and national associations having close ties with French institutions and public authorities. His determination, commitment and expertise enabled him to manage successfully strategically and financially irnportant projects related to economic development, regional prospective studies, modernizing public govemance in addition to direct operational management of large investment projects in partnership with national and international actors of the public and private sector. As a Consultant, Alain Maurice has also conducted missions such as the implementation of risk management processes and procedures, change management consulting, helping management teams and elected members of regional government as well as training in management, communication, and organization. Trained in the practice of Traditional Chinese medicine, his commitment stems from the indispensable equilibrium he seeks in every project or path, giving center stage, inseparably, to man and his environment. The concept of energy being synonymous with life, at the heart of Chinese medical theory, together with Yin-Yang theory provide him with a harmonious reference model that explains ecosystems and their evolution.

Connecting Resilience teamed up with highly-experienced and dynamic experts, specialists, and senior consultants, pooling the complementary skills indispensable to the success of complex projects and catering to the needs of our customers.