Who are we ?

Connecting resilience provides both in France and intemationally, technological watch services, prospective studies, trade relationship services, consulting, and strategic decision-making consuitancy services to executives and project owners aimed at facilitating project development, team management and marketing as well as solving regional economic, social, sport, environmental, health and well-being issues (particularly in touristic, the fields of agriculture and forestry) while taking into account today’s global context of significant population growth up to the year 2050, the preservation ofnatural resources, and issues offood security.

Our team

Alain Maurice
Founder President
A trained lawyer with more than 15 years of legal experience, Alain Maurice acquired an equally rich and long experience exercising executive responsibilities in the public sector within territorial governing bodies and national associations having close ties with French institutions and public authorities. His determination, commitment and expertise enabled him to manage successfully strategically and financially irnportant projects related to economic development, regional prospective studies, modernizing public govemance in addition to direct operational management of large investment projects in partnership with national and international actors of the public and private sector. As a Consultant, Alain Maurice has also conducted missions such as the implementation of risk management processes and procedures, change management consulting, helping management teams and elected members of regional government as well as training in management, communication, and organization. Trained in the practice of Traditional Chinese medicine, his commitment stems from the indispensable equilibrium he seeks in every project or path, giving center stage, inseparably, to man and his environment. The concept of energy being synonymous with life, at the heart of Chinese medical theory, together with Yin-Yang theory provide him with a harmonious reference model that explains ecosystems and their evolution.

Connecting Resilience teamed up with highly-experienced and dynamic experts, specialists, and senior consultants, pooling the complementary skills indispensable to the success of complex projects and catering to the needs of our customers.









Our four main activities

Carrying out technological watches and defining strategies

  • Monitor and adapt to the continuously changing context, observe, study, analyze, and interpret to better understand complex situations and propose consolidation and development scenarios.
  • Define context-sensitive strategies around realistic and achievable objectives, draw up action plans, and prepare the necessary evaluation and feedback mechanisms that enable timely process adjustments to achieve the expected results within the allotted time frame.


Fostering Economic Development

  • Identify market opportunities as well as potential legal and regulatory obstacles to project development.
  • Mobilize levers of economic development and seek out support and financing at the local, national and European levels.
  • Secure the requisite authorizations, accreditations and permits.
  • Support regional projects and provide solutions to regional economic, environmental and social issues.
  • Create, acquire and sell, exploit directly or indirectly, in free management or otherwise, any industrial and commercial establishement, any participation in French or foreign companies, created or to be created, which can be related directely or indirectly to the corporate object
  • Play an intermediation role with public authorities.


Developing Human Potential

  • Detect and develop talents: observe, detect, evaluate, support, develop talents, update talents
  • Strengthen the resistance of women and men, and enable them to improve their ability to take action by all professional, ethical, nutritional, energetic and therapeutic means.
  • Provide training and coaching services, personal growth counseling, as well as health care based on traditional Chinese medicine.


Link up actors to create useful synergies

  • Identify key actors at the regional, national, and international levels and establish links between them that enable them to realize their objectives and carry out their projects.
  • Assist actors and project owners in the preparation and organization of encounters and meetings with public decision-makers and private-sector partners.
  • Bring together then federate the resources and energies to create conditions favorable to project development.


Ethical values

We joined the United Nations global compact commitment



We guarantee confidentiality of any information exchanged with our clients.



We value trust as a basis to our professional relationships.



Solicit complementary expertise in conducting projects selected based on ethical and responsible criteria.


Avoid any conflicts of interest between our customers

We thereby defend and contribute only to our customers’ business lines that generate no conflicts of interest.



Conduct our projects with full public transparency



Eliminate all kinds of waste



Ensure a minimal ecological footprint of our professional activities through optimized travel planning, use of public means of transportation, videoconferencing, and favoring the use of electronic media over paper-based communication.


Global compact

Support and implement within our sphere of influence, a set of core values in the areas of human rights, work and environmental standards, and the fight against corruption that are part of the ten principles of the United Nations global comptact

Connected Resilience’s three added values

Guaranteed Quality

Quality is the first added value at Connecting Resilience: our customers particularly appreciate our listening abilities, our responsiveness, our rich and diversified skill set, our know-how and know-how-to-be. Connecting Resilience’s approach to business emphasizes predictable consistency, perseverance, benevolence, time resource commitment, and custom project follow-up procedures within the context of a trust relationship as well as a continuous feedback loop assessment of ongoing project results. Our membership and adherence to the United Nations Global Compact strengthen further our ethical and quality guarantees. We thereby wish to contribute to the ongoing human progress, to streamlining enterprise and public sector performance, and to the overall well-being of women and men.

Protecting the Environment

The days of cheap resources are over. Today’s ecological challenges require the preservation of resources in the difficult context of global warming and significant population growth up to the year 2050. These challenges compel us to reconsider the issue of food security along strategic lines that draw upon collective intelligence and technological innovation. Humanity needs to profoundly reconsider its relationship to natural resources and come up with a novel, more efficient, more balanced and more sustainable social and economic development model. In today’s world, preserving our environment requires us to gear our consumer behavior towards resource reutilization and recycling in an economy that has become circular.

Giving Sense

Our predominant ambition is to give sense to the actions of our company: any economic development should strive to serve humanity while preserving the environment and its natural resources. It is our belief that the underlying mission of the company goes far beyond its original business targets and the daily relationships it entertains with its partners, customers and suppliers. Connecting Resilience is also about a history, a project, a risk and a set of core values. These values provide the link between the meaning a particular individual wants to give to his life and the meaning the company wants to give to its path.

Our references

Connecting Resilience chose as a policy to keep confidential the names of those who gave it their trust:

  • Countries
  • Public institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations
  • Company executives
  • Elected representatives at the head of national and regional public institutions
  • Associations
  • Prominent Personalities

Discretion and confidentiality are important assets of Connecting Resilience.

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